B*star Cements Himself as an Artist To Watch With “Knucklehead/Legend of the Fall”

    Coming out of the birthplace of hip-hop, Bronx, New York artist B*star emerges as a dynamic artist whose music embodies the true essence of hip-hop. Influenced by the pioneers and legends who paved the way, his lyrics and delivery pay homage to the genre’s golden era while infusing his unique style and perspective. While paying homage to the pioneers before him, B*star also brings a fresh perspective.

    His music reflects the diverse influences he has encountered throughout his life, blending elements of traditional hip-hop with alternative sounds and innovative production. As a lyricist, B*star’s penmanship shines brightly, crafting intricate verses that resonate with authenticity. His new two-pack “Knucklehead” and “Legend of the Fall” effortlessly weaves together metaphors and clever wordplay. With each line, he shares his experiences, struggles, and vulnerability, painting vivid pictures that evoke emotions.

    Speaking on the new release, B*star shared: “Knucklehead” and “Legend of the Fall” were recorded two years prior to release. It’s about a love/hate relationship on the surface, but when you peel the layers back, it’s a story of dysfunction and intertwined emotions. It’s a metaphor for how I sometimes feel about the music business. You want the adulation and all the gold that comes with what you think a life in music is, only to find out that music and the music business are two different things. And to save your love for music, you must accept and come to terms with life’s hard truths.”

    Both tracks display B*star’s willingness to be vulnerable and honest in his music. In an industry that often celebrates bravado and superficiality, B*star decision to open up about his struggles and vulnerabilities is both refreshing and daring. By baring his soul through his music, he connects with his listeners on a personal level and encourages them to embrace their flaws and find strength in their vulnerabilities.

    “Knucklehead” and “Legend of the Fall” is a testament to the artist’s growth as a wordsmith and his ability to captivate listeners with his unique blend of thought-provoking metaphors and clever wordplay. It leaves a lasting impression, provoking introspection long after the last note fades away.

    Listen to “Knucklehead” and “Legend of the Fall” below.


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