Buppy Delivers His New Album ‘Bedroom Tapes, Vol. 1’


    Buppy is a sixteen year old, self-taught producer, vocalist, and engineer from Utah. He is difficult to place under one single genre; Bup’s album contains songs labeled as Rap, Indie, Ballad, Lofi, Alternative, and more. The more personal, often grim songs are riddled with honesty, as he seeks to have a genuine relationship with his listeners. With heartfelt rhyme schemes, Bup hopes to bring the conversation of mental health to a less taboo state.

    Buppy is not an artist, but rather a dream. One that started the moment Bup laid his hands on his first set of drums. From that moment onward, he drew inspiration from the likes of Lil Peep, Col3trane, and JuiceWRLD, his sound is set to resonate with many crowds.

    With that said, we invite you to the Mind of Bup. Enjoy the void!