Butch Dawson Takes a Reflective Approach on His New Single “Face”

    Baltimore rapper and producer Butch Dawson is a multi-talented musician who has been making waves in the rap scene for quite some time now. As an artist who wears multiple hats, he has the ability to not only write and rap but also produce his own music, which has given him the creative control he needs to develop his unique sound.

    With his recent release “Face,” Dawson proves that he can create melodic and introspective music just as well as high-energy, banger tracks. The self-produced track is a departure from Dawson’s usual energy-driven records, as it delves into a more reflective state where he reminisces on his past and questions whether there’s regret in his life. It’s a smoother cut compared to his previous releases but still delivers the same level of musicality and skill we’ve come to expect from Dawson.

    The music video for “Face” is equally impressive, featuring stunning visuals and a strong narrative that perfectly complements the song. From start to finish, the video keeps you engaged and leaves you with a sense of admiration for the talent and artistry that went into creating it.

    Watch the official video for “Face” below.


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