Caleb Taylor Fleshes Out His Creative Journey with the Breathtaking “NüSoul II”

    With his smooth and polished style, Caleb Taylor is transforming our perception of R&B and soul. In his 2022 album, NüSoul, Taylor demonstrated his remarkable vocal range and power while consistently delivering breathtaking instrumentals and captivating solos on the guitar. Being self-taught in singing, producing, and playing multiple instruments, Taylor emphasizes the importance of self-reliance in all facets of his music.

    NüSoul II, the latest release by Caleb Taylor, builds on his already impressive R&B and soul sound, showcasing his musical growth and evolution. The 6-track EP only has one feature from Ballad, who holds his own ground and adds a unique flavor to the EP. On the standout track “More Time,” Ballad accompanies Taylor, and together they create a mesmerizing and emotionally charged experience that’s sure to captivate listeners. The EP, as a whole, delivers a cohesive and immersive listening experience, demonstrating Taylor’s exceptional talent and versatility as a musician.

    With NüSoul II, Caleb Taylor cements his status as a trailblazing figure in contemporary R&B and soul. The EP is a treasure trove of memorable tracks, blending the best of the past with a fresh, modern sound. Through the music, Taylor pays tribute to the power of love and its ability to captivate and inspire. With its blend of classic and cutting-edge elements, NüSoul II is a must-listen for fans of innovative, genre-bending music.


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