Caleb X Drops New Single “Risk” Ahead of “Dreams of Rodeo” Release

    Atlanta artist Caleb X recently dropped off his latest single, “Risk,” giving listeners a taste of what’s to come from his upcoming project, Dreams of Rodeo. Caleb X has been on a creative roll this year, offering a string of releases that include “Peace,” “Double Back,” and “Love Don’t Live Here No More.” With each track, Caleb X consistently demonstrates his commitment to expressive storytelling, allowing listeners to hear and feel the emotions behind his music.

    When asked about the creative process behind “Risk” and whether any unexpected turns or surprises shaped the song’s final form. Caleb X shared, “The process of making this song started with the beat on loop and playing with how I wanted the melody to sound. Once I came up with the melody, the hook instantly came to me. I knew the sound was a big change from what I’d made before, so I knew this was the one I wanted to take the ‘risk’ on, and that’s how the hook got created.

    Caleb X’s ability to blend personal experiences with catchy melodies and meaningful lyrics is what sets him apart as an artist. “Risk” is a testament to his willingness to evolve and explore new sounds while staying true to his authentic self.

    Listen to “Risk” below.


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