Camkudo$a Makes His Grand Introduction With New EP “Under The Sun”

    Cameron Triplett, PKA Camkudo$a, is a talented 27-year-old artist hailing from Jackson, Mississippi. With a unique blend of soft singing, vibed-out melodies, and hyper-energetic rapping, he is looking to become a prominent figure in the new wave of artists. Camkudo$a fearlessly experiments with sounds in the studio, utilizing his voice as an instrument. Through his various EPs and singles, he has showcased his growth and artistic evolution, solidifying his place in the music industry.

    Camkudo$a’s musical journey began in 2017 with his first project, Startape. Since then, he has continued to push boundaries and challenge himself creatively. From the captivating melodies of his earlier works to the more experimental and genre-bending compositions found in his 2022 EP, After Effect, Camkudo$a has carved out his own lane, unafraid to switch up his sound.

    “Under The Sun” cover art

    This week, Camkudo$a presents his new EP, Under The Sun. Featuring four tracks and spanning over eight minutes, this project serves as a captivating introduction to his distinctive sound and boundless energy. Under The Sun is a solo effort, allowing listeners to immerse themselves fully in Camkudo$a’s artistry. The EP commences with the exhilarating opening track, “Eyes Wide Open,” setting the tone for what’s to come. The energy remains consistently high throughout, culminating in the EP’s closing track, “Tokyo X.” Each song within Under The Sun showcases Camkudo$a’s ability to create dynamic and infectious music that resonates with listeners on a visceral level.

    Camkudo$a describes Under The Sun as an introduction to his artistry, a representation of the sounds he enjoys creating. This project embodies the refreshing and feel-good vibes that he wishes to bring to the table. With each track, he invites the world to experience his unique musical perspective, hoping audiences will embrace and love his music as much as he does.

    With a collection of EPs and singles under his belt, Camkudo$a continues to carve out his own lane, and Under The Sun offers a tantalizing glimpse into his unique sound and high energy. As Camkudo$a continues to evolve and explore new sounds, he paves the way for a future filled with artistic innovation and creative expression.


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