Cantrell Accepts His Flaws in New Album “Thank You 4 the Tragedy”

    A wise man once said sometimes you must go through something to find what you’re looking for. Albany, GA rapper Cantrell had to go through hell and back to find inner peace. The humble artist accepts his past and embraces his future in the newly released project “Thank You 4 the Tragedy”

    Isn’t it messed up that most artists’ best music comes from when they aren’t in their best mental state? At 13-tracks, this album is very personal and a true reflection of his day-to-day life. 

    "From the city of dream killers and real n*ggas,
    Where bad b*tches ain't never heard of lip fillers,
    The internet? Wasn't really into that,
    You either had a mean stepback or flipped nose drippers" — Cantrell raps on "BEGGARS PLEA"

    Thankful is an understatement for how Cantrell feels on this album. The album is 40-minutes of brilliance, the way he passionately dissects his trials and tribulations. Telling his story like a book, the intro song “DREAMS OF A JIT” is the first chapter, telling you where it all started. I feel for him on this song by how relatable his lyrics are about his childhood experiences, because who wasn’t once a kid with big dreams?

    Flipping through more chapters of his life, we are definitely presented with more motivational raps about searching for fulfillment that is absent in your life. He genuinely isn’t even trying to be inspirational, but by telling his raw truth, you have to respect his journey. He graciously ends his story with my favorite track, “JUST MAYBE.” There’s a light at the end of the tunnel, and Cantrell speaks his truth on why you should stay optimistic. One of the closing lines, “success looks like failure at first,” is such a powerful statement that I believe everyone should keep in mind when shit feels tough. 

    His pure soul and positive spirit is his best attribute, and how he unfolds his life is ground-breaking. Stream “Thank You 4 the Tragedy” below.


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