Cash Paradox Drops off His Dreamy New Single “Marie”

    Cary, NC, recording artist and producer Cash Paradox has dropped his latest single, “Marie,” a smooth offering that continues to showcase his signature downtempo indie/R&B sound while also incorporating a fresh twist inspired by the dreamy and soulful vibes of the 80s. Following the success of tracks like “With You” and “Empty Conscience,” Cash Paradox’s new single pushes his sonic boundaries further while maintaining his signature ballad-like essence.

    “Marie” transports listeners. Cash Paradox’s soulful vocals intertwine with intricate instrumental layers perfectly. The song’s downtempo groove and ethereal production capture the essence of his artistic growth. The 80s-inspired elements woven throughout the track add a nostalgic touch that sets “Marie” apart from his previous releases.

    “This single is some of the best work I’ve put out. Although I have kept the same ballad-like feeling to this song as I have the rest of my music, this song features a bounce that is different from any song I have ever done,” Cash Paradox shared enthusiastically with us about the single. He aims to offer listeners an immersive experience that captures both the emotive essence of his music and an innovative sonic direction.

    With rich sonic textures, passionate lyrics, and a meticulously crafted soundscape, the marriage of Cash Paradox’s soulful vocals and production elevates “Marie” to a new level of artistry, showcasing his growth as a musician and producer.

    Listen to “Marie” below.


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