Cel$ Holds Nothing Back on New Single “Scars & Scriptures”

    South Kansas City rapper/producer Cel$ draws inspiration from some of the game’s best artists, such as Kanye and Nas. Over the past few years, he has dedicated himself to honing his musical craft, creating songs that resonate with the everyday person navigating the complexities of life. With breakthrough moments and notable releases, such as his 2022 standout project Moments of Clarity, Cel$ has realized the importance of perseverance and using one’s scars as a wellspring of motivation.

    Cel$ understands that true achievement requires pushing through obstacles and recognizing one’s inherent value, regardless of external validation. His latest single, “Scars & Scriptures,” is a testament to this empowering message. The song originated from his personal journey of overcoming life’s challenges and discovering his worth and contribution to the world. In the production process, Cel$ expertly crafted the beat by skillfully chopping some of his favorite samples, infusing his signature style into the music.

    “Scars & Scriptures” delves into the notion of self-worth and the significance of not relying on external opinions to define one’s value. Cel$ fearlessly expresses his belief that true success lies in recognizing one’s own worthiness. Cel$ skillfully weaves his personal experiences into the lyrics, providing a relatable narrative that resonates with anyone striving for success and self-fulfillment.

    Listen to “Scars & Scriptures” below.


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