Cello Miles Makes His Grand Debut With the High-Spirited “Mile 1”

    Cello Miles, an artist from the Bay Area, creates music that is characterized by its eclectic and broad-ranging style. Drawing on a mix of influences from his Midwest and Southern roots, as well as his hometown, Miles is constantly innovating and exploring new sounds. His music is characterized by fresh and intricate wordplay that evokes some of the best lyricists in the industry.

    Cello Miles has finally released his debut album, Mile 1, which features a skillful blend of hip-hop tracks that are bound to captivate listeners right from the first listen. Over the past few years, he has gradually built momentum by releasing several singles, as well as his E.O.S. 2 EP in 2022. Although Cello Miles has been putting out singles since 2018, his sound has never been as well-defined as it is on Mile 1. On the introspective opening track “The Path,” he reflects on the search for a fulfilling life, while on the passionate yet melancholic “Loop,” he delivers a poignant performance. With a clear artistic vision and a penchant for perfectly-polished bangers, Cello Miles delivers a consistently dynamic and versatile performance on his latest album, cementing his status as one of the most promising up-and-coming hip-hop artists.

    Cello Miles shared on the new album: “The album is centered around a road trip, like a journey of my life through music. I’ve been crafting my album like a road trip because I took a leap and moved to LA for the business. I wanted to personify that with new sonics while also introducing the world to the mind of Cello Miles. This is Cello in his purest form. This means everything to me. I always wanted to title Mile 1 for my first album because I think anyone can relate to taking the first step in their journey toward what they desire.”

    Mile 1 is replete with instances of Cello Miles experimenting with fresh sounds. Beyond being a remarkable display of musical adaptability, the album is also brimming with candid and relatable lyrics that strike a chord on both a personal and universal level. Cello Miles’ commentary on these shared human experiences is astute and stirring.

    Listen to Mile 1 below:


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