Chasey the Illest Carves His Own Lane With His “Untitled” Series

    Detroit’s Chasey The Illest has made a name for himself with his clever and meaningful lyrics, delivered through a sharp flow that he has honed through years of practice and passion. With each new release, he continues to impress with his ability to delve deep into intimate details and express them with precise diction. He is a master of crafting rhyme schemes, and his latest offering “Untitled 006” further proves this statement.

    In his own words, Chasey The Illest believes that his music is meant to be lived with and that it is only by doing so that one can fully understand the gravity of the messages he is trying to convey. Speaking on “Untitled 006”, Chasey shared:

    This record is the 6th installment of my “Untitled” series, where I do freestyles on already-known beats. It’s fun and lets me show off my versatility on the music side and allows me and my videographer to express our creativity through the videos. We don’t have to stick to a consistent topic on any of these, we do what feels right in the best way we can.

    There is a great deal of purpose and energy that goes into Chasey The Illest’s music, and he is determined to make a lasting impact with each new release. As he continues to grow as an artist, it is clear that he is on track to becoming a refreshing presence in the music industry, not just in his home state of Michigan but throughout the country and beyond. Check out the video for “Untitled 006” above.


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