Chelsea Pastel Draws Inspiration From ’90s SEGA Games in New Video ‘Jeeps’

    Musically inspired by Kid Cudi and Alanis Morisette, with visuals playfully paying homage to ’90s SEGA video game aesthetics, Cleveland-based artist Chelsea Pastel’s new single/video ‘Jeeps‘ is a brainchild of her own. Her hunger to carve herself a unique space in the industry manifests with each release, and this new one just further solidifies that statement.

    This release is typical of Pastel’s previous work in that it brings much of her signature catchy hooks and captivating wordplay, with confidence and flair that demands attention. The new single also serves as an evolution of her artistry. A departure from the rapper her fans have come to know thus far. With her second project, ‘Pastelevision‘ in the works, there is much to come in the world of Chelsea Pastel. Check out the new video down below.


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