Chicago Artist D2X Drops Soulful Sophomore Album “Hotel 1105”

    Chicago’s very own D2X is back. Following his successful debut album, The Color Blue, released in 2021, D2X returns with his sophomore offering, Hotel 1105, which promises to be an even more refined and soulful journey into his artistry. With Hotel 1105, D2X has taken his artistry to a whole new level, delivering a more refined, soulful, jazzy, and mature sound that is both fierce and captivating.

    The album spans over ten tracks, with only two features from Millwood and Kyle Pogline, who join forces with D2X on the mesmerizing track “Summer in Venice (Intermission),” the longest song on the album. Standout tracks like “Faith” and “Waves & Moonlights” showcase D2X’s exceptional lyricism, a talent he first hinted at with The Color Blue.

    In its entirety, Hotel 1105 is a musical journey that details D2X’s growth, self-awareness, and a deep exploration of themes such as self-love, motivation, and the rollercoaster of emotions that accompany grief. Through the ups and downs of love loss, doubt, and moments of guilt, D2X emerges as a stronger, more self-assured artist.

    In D2X’s own words, Hotel 1105 is “a true stepping stone in my career, so many stories told that I was unsure and afraid to speak upon. But living in truth and being a vessel of the lord is all I’m in music for.” This album is a thrilling and unapologetic experience, perfect for those who may feel trapped in a metaphorical matrix and need a boost of their own confidence.

    D2X’s tireless energy, positivity, and relentless drive are set to catapult him into the ranks of artists you need to watch, and Hotel 1105 is just the beginning of what promises to be an exciting journey ahead for this talented Chicago artist.


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