Elijah LeFlore Reflects His Intimate Thoughts on “Mirrors”

    Elijah LeFlore is a brilliant R&B singer/songwriter based in Chicago, Illinois. He has a natural ability to create timeless music that transcends multiple genres. It’s worth mentioning that he’s also an incredibly underrated rapper—but that’s not the focus right now. R&B, as a whole, has been on a hot streak since the pandemic started, and LeFlore is one of the standouts in the alternative R&B space.

    LeFlore’s latest release, “Mirrors” is just another example of his all-around talent. No pun intended, but this track reflects on how complicated it can be to accept the flaws and imperfections of a romantic partner. His voice fits comfortably like a glove over the smooth production from fellow Chicagoan Wildlife Willy. LeFlore’s introspective lyrics will make you look at things from all perspectives and appreciate things for what they are.

    “The message of this song is oftentimes, your partner is a reflection of you, whether it be your reflection of love, insecurities, pain, trauma, or happiness. They give you what you lack.”

    Love is in the air this summer, and “Mirrors” will have you head over heels for that special person in your life. It’s less than likely that it’s not the first time we’ve heard from Elijah LeFlore, and damn sure it won’t be the last time we spotlight his work.

    Stream “Mirrors” on Spotify below.


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