Chicago’s Jay Wood Shows up “Late 2 Class”

    Fresh out of the prestigious No Label Academy at Harvard led by IDK, Chicago-based artist Jay Wood is back with an exciting two-pack teaser titled Late 2 Class. This tantalizing release serves as a preview to Jay Wood’s upcoming fall project, aptly named Nowhere, Fast.

    Kicking things off with the first track, “Reservoir,” Wood effortlessly glides over the soulful and bouncy production by Namesake. With lyrics like “But really shit was cool on my avenue, getting a degree was just some shit that you had to do,” Wood wears his storytelling badge with an earnest authenticity that draws listeners in.

    The journey continues with the second record, “Instinct.” This track, slightly shorter in length, is driven by gritty production courtesy of Thelonius Martin. In “Instinct,” Jay Wood takes us back to his first encounter with gang violence during after-school activities, painting a vivid picture of his experiences and emotions.

    With Late 2 Class, Jay Wood not only showcases his musical prowess but also offers a glimpse into the compelling stories he’s ready to share in his upcoming fall project. 


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