Chief Mellow Delivers His Energetic New EP ‘Rules To The Game’

    At 26-years-old, South Carolina artist Chief Mellow is not new to this in the slightest. With an eclectic sound bringing energy and passion to his art form, he’s drawing in people from all over the world. His brand new EP Rules To The Game showcases Mellow’s ability to ride over thumping blunted production with his commanding yet cold delivery and flow.

    Photo via IG // yomamasflava

    The 8-minute EP, meant to be listened through in one sitting, is an ambitious project conveying a wide range of emotions. With a unique sound compacted into such a short runtime, the EP contains tracks that range from jumbled and jumpy, to calm and reassure. “I really wanted some West Coast laid-back vibes. Since I’m from the South but I’m living in California now I wanted to change my approach and incorporate a different vibe,” said Chief Mellow to us via email. “I wanted some sliding bass, some synthesizers, and just an overall fresh sound. Something that could be played with a live band,” he added.

    Each song on the EP transitions to the next in a way that makes for a cohesive listen from beginning to end. Each song is kept brief but Chief Mellow puts his best foot forward and he manages to pack a punch with each track. Opening things off is the track title, a bouncy record that sets listeners up for the ride. With the EP serving as his introduction into 2021, Chief Mellow’s quality should also be an indication that he’s ready for the spotlight. Take a listen down below and get familiar for yourself.


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