Pennsylvania’s Choo Jackson — Who Was Discovered by the Late Mac Miller Sits Down for an Exclusive Interview

    For those unfamiliar, Choo Jackson is a Florida born, Pennsylvania raised emcee/producer who has been hard at works since he first snuck onto the scene in 2013 with his project Beer Flavored Pizza which was notable of a Mac Miller co-sign. Since then, Jackson has released a plethora of projects such as Broken Hearts Make Money, ANIME 1 & 2 and Choo, Where U Goin’?, as well as a handful of splits, EPs, mixtapes, singles, and videos that have helped shape him into the outstanding artist he is today. He had a chance to sit down with the budding artist for an exclusive new interview. Check it out down below

    The last time we chopped it up you were working on releasing “Foreverkool Compilation Tape ‘BEFORE THE DIRT VOL.1” What have you been up to lately man?

    Working on music everyday but more importantly, just focusing on myself more. More solace getting rest. Less drinking, less internet [laughs] family first type vibe. Just being a better human really.

    It sounds like you’re in a better place mentally and would love to see how that translates into your music. Do you have anything new coming soon?

    Yeah, I care about my mental right now. That’s it. But yeah I started a band so I’m put out some different music soon. I just want to try new directions. I always make bangers and shit but it’s a lot of that right now so I’m gonna just make more honest creative music. Really face myself and come back later, ya know.

    Photo Credit: Justin Boyd

    Starting a band is one of those things that’s difficult because every member has to click for the band to thrive. What lead you to doing that?

    Na, it’s more like an in-house band. Me and my day 1 producers do all the production. Kind of like on some Tame Impala or Gnarls Barkley vibes. And during live shows, I’ll get real musicians to play the music with me, ya know. If it makes the impact I think it will.

    You had your first NYC show late last month. What was that experience like?

    It was cool for the first one. Lost some Bape pieces I loved but more to be copped [laughs] I fuck with NYC though.

    I always see you on Instagram rocking some exclusive pieces. Where did your love for fashion and particularly — streetwear come from?

    Honestly, It probably started with my brother earlier in my life. Getting ready for school and shit he used to get fly. Then I’ll say probably when I got into skating I started to like that type of clothing. It shaped what I like and wear today. Then my homies were always in competition trying to find the flyest shit to wear. I really just love that shit.

    Photo Credit: Justin Boyd

    Is there a must-have piece you need in your closet right now?

    Mmm. Probably just an OG Billionaire Boys Club original logo hoody from 05-06. So hard to find.

    Do you spend your days in the Burgh now or are you out in LA?

    Neither. I’m in my hometown of Chambersburg as of now. It’s quiet here so I like it.

    Do you feel like being back home adds to your creativity?

    Hell yeah. It’s humbles me everytime. The game is fake sometimes so it always makes me remember the struggle. And it grounds me so I like it.

    You had to dig yourself out of a dark place last year with the passing of Mac Miller — someone who took a chance on you. Being back home around family and friends, has that kept your mind occupied?

    Man so dark. Everybody changed after that, you know. I had to get back to a healthy mind after that. That was the first super star to notice me as even an equal. Just fucked up. But he’s watching over me and showed me so much. I’ll always show respect to bro no matter where I’m at in life.

    It’s crazy man because when we were talking about setting up this interview, I was listening to old tracks of yours that he was featured on like “HD” and “Old Pictures On The Wall.” Mac was always known for being super genuine. What’s one piece of advice he gave you that you’ll carry with you forever?

    I think when my freestyle Back From Texas started to pick up. He was like “man it’s crazy to see your growth and how you’re trying take action into your own hands and try styles.” But he said no matter what, always remember to rap. So I always keep that in the back of my head. Whenever I wanna go all these directions, I know I always gotta come back to the foundation.

    Are you sitting on some unreleased records with him — and if so, will they ever see the light of day, or is that something you’ll choose to hold onto?

    Of course. We were doing a tape. He wanted to do like some old Pharrell and Clipse type shit [laughs.] So yeah I got some. But them coming out gotta be right with the fam and stuff. But he made so many beats for me so who knows.

    You got your own imprint, correct?

    Yes. Foreverkool records I’ve had since the start.

    What are some of the challenges that have come with running your own imprint?

    Shit, being independent is the biggest challenge. Especially if you’re like me and standoffish to certain things and people. It’s good to just try to get it done your way. Thank God for the internet.

    The internet and social media in particular has made it easier for people to connect, especially in the music industry. How have you used it to your advantage?

    Just staying in contact with every single real fan, sharing my experiences with them and showing growth. They grow and push me and spread my art.

    Earlier you said you were standoffish to certain things and people, did this uncertainty come from working in the music industry?

    Yes 100%. I’m numb to it.

    You got any advice for younger artists trying to make their way onto the scene?

    Keep you energy to yourself and focus on you and what’s important. Chase getting better at your craft. Nothing else.

    What can we expect out of you and your Foreverkool imprint next?

    A lot of content from videos, projects and all that. My friends music Phil Wushu and my producer Staxx. Getting them a platform while working on myself .

    Any last thought?

    Thank you for the dope interview. Fk shit 4 life.


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