Chris56 Delivers Reflective New Single/Video ‘on e.’

    "Making this video, I wanted to capture the feeling of California."

    Keeping the momentum rolling, TX-bred artist Chris56 drops a new track and music video for “on e.” Produced by 808 Mafia’s Morgan O’Connor and William Keating, the country-inspired, Texas drawl of Chris’ vocals coupled with the upbeat pop-rock production in this offering is a perfect showcase of Chris’ signature sound.    

    “The guitar line in this song feels like California to me. Making this video, I wanted to capture the feeling of California. The best way to do that was to ride through the hills letting the wind hit me.” – Chris56

    Directed by Chris56 and childhood friend Thomas G, the visuals are set on the picturesque mountain top of Mulholland Drive in Beverly Hills. Performance shots with the backdrop of a pink and blue sunset coupled with close-ups of Chris hanging out the window of a car as the breeze hits his face blend seamlessly to deliver the laid-back, California vibe inspired by the song’s catchy guitar riff.


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