ChuckXL Delivers His Exciting Debut EP “Nights Like This”

    The first quarter of 2023 has been epic musically. Mainly due to the vast array of talented, emerging artists eager to prove they belong. With a tasteful pallet of projects being released thus far, many are worth noting. One in particular listeners should put on their radar is the impressive debut EP of New Jersey’s ChuckXL, titled “Nights Like This.”

    The promising talent from the small city of Passaic, New Jersey, is equipped with all the tools to be an artist we’re attentive to. His humble spirit radiates as he’d like to be a voice for the people of New Jersey while also connecting through his music to those with stories similar to his own.

    With stories of success far and few, it felt like there was an immense amount of pressure and responsibility. After some years of reflection I was finally able to put those feelings into my art.” 

    — ChuckXL expresses what it means to be represent his hometown

    “Nights Like This” is an insightful seven-track EP in which listeners are taken on a journey through ChuckXL’s deep-rooted thoughts. The Jersey native displays substantive flows, techniques, and wordplay to aid in the formula of a notable debut. The production throughout is sonically pleasing. Each record is distinctive from the next, showcasing his ability to adapt.

    As ChuckXL continues to evolve as an artist in the public eye, it will be exciting to see how he continues to improve. He’s a stellar talent who shows tremendous promise with this release.

    Listen to “Nights Like This” by ChuckXL below.


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