Cilo Blends Raw Lyrics And Powerful Production on ‘It Could All B So Simple’

    Coming off the release of his album ‘Baby Blue,’ Bay area-based artist Cilo delivers his new EP ‘It Could All B So Simple.’ At 6-tracks in length, the new EP is a testament to Cilo’s artistry. The perfect blend of raw lyrics and powerful production keeps our ears glued to the music and our minds focused on the meaning.

    It Can All B So Simple‘ does not disappoint. Throughout the EP, Cilo retains composure on the energetic front to which he concedes. “Kant Nobody,” “97 Baby,” and “Dreams Feel Like” are perfect examples of this energy equilibrium. On the production end of things, Cilo, alongside his creative partner Julian Garcia were able to approach the EP in a way that allowed Cilo to display his lyrical prowess. The tongue-in-cheek tone of the lyricism isn’t anything new from the 20-something, but it increases in variety for a lot of ‘It Could All B So Simple.’

    “This one was the most organic out of all the projects I’ve done. Coming off of my last album which was super conceptual, I wanted to take it back to basics with this one” he said in an email to SL. “The philosophy was to make this one feel like a true mixtape. Datpiff type shit, cassettes out the trunk type shit.” Stream the new EP down below via Spotify and head over here for your preferred streaming services.


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