cmfrt. Flexes His Effortless Flow In New Single “Gangsta Party”

    Known for his unique style characterized by vibrant sounds and intricate sampling, rising St. Louis, Missouri artist cmfrt. has recently released his new single, “Gangsta Party,” featuring Dareios. Following the resounding success of his previous single, “Facelift,” a collaboration with Jaheem and St. Louis compatriot Jay Coast, the new single picks up right where he left off.

    “Gangsta Party” is a magnetic blend of hip-hop and R&B, infusing both genres with a fresh energy that is impossible to resist. The synergy between cmfrt.’s co-production skills and Dareios’s exceptional rap prowess results in a smooth and refreshing track. This single captures a mood that is perfect for those cruising with the windows down, enveloping listeners in a chilled and laid-back atmosphere.

    When asked about how “Gangsta Party” represents his evolution as an artist since his last release, cmfrt. had this to say: “Since my last release, I’ve only hunkered down further to produce the best quality work, and this single exemplifies such. As I have aged, so have my music and work ethic. This is the first single I have had engineered by an industry professional—Steven Kubie, who elevated my sound to a level not thought possible at the current state in my career.”

    To cmfrt., “Gangsta Party” symbolizes a celebration of freedom and the openness to embrace life’s unpredictability. According to him, it signifies releasing control and adopting a fluid approach to life while venturing beyond one’s comfort zone and engaging in unfamiliar experiences. Through his inventive musical landscapes and deeply emotive lyrical narratives, cmfrt. persists in forging a distinctive trail for himself, laying the groundwork for a promising future.

    Listen to “Gangsta Party” below.


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