Confidence Is Key and MuhTeyOh Has Plenty on “BREWERB.” Video

    In today’s saturated music landscape, it’s become harder and harder for artists to differentiate themselves from their peers. One artist that has been able to effectively accomplish this is Maryland-based rapper MuhTeyOh. Since the release of his last single, “BREWERB.” MuhTeyOh has remained relatively active. Following that release, early last month, he dropped off the accompanying video that brought the record to life in an eye-catching way.

    Relying on his calm, cool, and collected demeanor, the video is straightforward with no gimmicks or antics, just a cameo from his crew and unadulterated lyrics rapped directly to the camera. Sonically, “BREWERB.” is truly musical and not only focused on MuhTeyOh’s killer flow, which makes the track feel exceptionally well-rounded. There is ample attention spent on the intricate interplay of percussive lines throughout the track.

    MuhTeyOh’s music is yet another example of a DMV artist creatively pushing the boundaries of rap. Refusing to stay in a box, he continues to prove himself as an artist to watch and one that can convey complex ideas in infectious refrains and melodies. Check out the new video below.


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