Connecticut’s Trey Moore Delivers His Latest EP ‘Goodbye Nirvana’

    Connecticut artist Trey Moore delivers his latest EP Goodbye Nirvana. At 6-songs in length, the body of work was written and produced by Trey himself. “The EP kind of came about while I was away working on a separate project,” he said to SL in an email. “I was just creating freely. After a while, I looked up and had a lot in the folder, so I started recording.”

    Goodbye Nirvana sonically is as fluid as it is fragmented. The 6-song EP Bounds between dream pop, chillwave, and low-profile hip-hop soul that alludes to Trey’s sound perfectly, a sound which he believes he’s found. “I’d also like to grow and discover more about myself and my sound over time,” he said. “We’re all constantly growing and changing as humans, which means my sound is subject to change in the same way.” Stream the new EP down below.


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