Connis’ ‘Waited All Summer for the Weekend’ EP Dwells in a Sweet Summer Bliss

    Cambridge, MA artist Connis is described as a transcendental artist who edges most closely to hip-hop and psychedelic R&B has a unique sound that captures his artistry perfectly. On his new EP, Connis simply floats on the smoothing, yet bouncy production and listeners will too. The only consistent quality across Connis’ music is just that—the quality. No matter what style he affects, he always makes it his own.

    While his last project Sessions: 001 still makes its rounds on the internet, Connis shows where he’s headed and doesn’t plan on looking back. With a blend of various genres, the Cambridge-bred artist captured the early essence of what has come to be his signature flow.

    His new EP ‘Waited All Summer for the Weekend‘ is finally here. Connis described the EP as having more of a serious tone, while also speaking on the times at hand. With features from fellow Boston artists such as soap.wav, Jiles, and Kadeem, the heavy-hearted EP also commemorates the loss of a close friend.


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