Crenshaw-Bred Rapper Nana Digs Deep in ‘GOTW’

    Crenshaw rapper Nana continues to build off his impressive 2020 album ‘Save Yourself.’ Continuing to apply pressure, his second release of the year comes in the form of ‘GOTW,’ a lyrical cut that utilizes a rapid-fire flow for the verses and catchy hooks that helps it all tie together. Offering a vulnerable perspective from his life struggles in south-central L.A., Nana does an exceptional job of expressing adverse experiences and transporting listeners directly into that environment with his vivid imagery.

    With each new release, the Crenshaw artist proves to be a multi-tooled talent who seems poised to stand out in the rap game for years to come, and ‘GOTW‘ is just another notch under his belt. Check out the new single down below via Spotify and head over here for your preferred streaming service.


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