Curbside Jones Delivers Dhrma-Produced EP ‘Floating In Between’

    Fresh off the heels of his release Gyakusou Vol.1 with Japanese producer Ballhead, Curbside Jones returns with Floating In Between. The 3-song EP is carefully crafted showcasing Jones’ unique sound as he links up with Japanese producer Dhrma.

    Ego Trippin takes a step into the mind of Curbside Jones as he navigates social interactions and the feeling of drifting away during his day to day life. Starting with the question, “If the clouds hit the ground, who gon hold me down?” you can tell Curbside Jones has been deep in thought about his self worth and trust in others. Chicago artist Musa Reems offers a complimentary verse that gives insight on why someone from the Chi may feel as though the clouds are hitting the ground around him.

    Y2K20 reveals a more confident Curbside Jones as he asks, “What you think I rap for? To sit and not use a passport?” again tapping into his worldly view of the rap game. Atlanta bred, now Florida based artist Garrott Odom delivers a verse that questions listeners and their motivation behind who they choose to support and adopt into their listening rotation stating, “speaking our untimely demises all through our lyrics/ crying for helping but it’s cool as long as it makes some millions.”

    Nigo 93 paints the reality of the world that Curbside Jones lives in while touching on racial tension, death of friends, and seeking a lifestyle of freedom one can be proud of. Curbside Jones states, “Ape shall never kill ape,” repeatedly throughout the song as a guideline on how to live, inspired by Nigo’s era of Bathing Ape. Tokyo based artist OOg (1/2 of Laflife) joins Curbside Jones to illustrate how following your dreams and staying afloat will keep you grounded. If you’re currently unfamiliar with Curbside Jones make sure to give this one a spin and stream the new EP down below.

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