Curtis Roach’s Incredible New Album ‘The Joy Tape’ Is Here

    There’s absolutely no denying Detroit artist Curtis Roach. His music is certainly notable for its artistic value and originality. With singles like ‘Stimmy‘ and ‘Comma$‘ setting the tone for him this year, he now follows that up with his brand new album ‘The Joy Tape.’ Spanning ten tracks in length, the album boasts features from Chuck Inglish, Jamila Woods, Tally Schwenk, and Kynzi. Each supporting member comes through and brings their own infectious energy while matching that of Curtis Roach.

    Throughout the 26-minute offering, the multi-talented artist pairs focused songwriting skills with agile delivery. With a sound and story distinctively to him, Curtis Roach’s colorful aura can be heard best on tracks like ‘U Thot‘ and ‘Rose Tea.’ Having already begun to carve his path and identity in the music scene, ‘The Joy Tape’ helps solidify his position.

    With this album, Curtis Roach realizes that his greatest strength not only lies in his impeccable rapping ability, but his understanding of how an artist can leverage the soundscape that he’s created to craft something truly unique and all his own. Check out the new album below.


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