D. Knight Continues to Build Momentum Ahead of New EP With “Game So Cold”

    Dayton, Ohio’s rising artist, D. Knight, is back with a new single titled “Game So Cold.” Following the success of his last release, “Regular,” D. Knight continues to build anticipation for his upcoming EP, “You See How Things Change,” and “Game So Cold” marks an exciting milestone in his discography.

    One of the intriguing aspects of “Game So Cold” is that D. Knight delves into new sounds by collaborating with an R&B artist. While his previous tracks have been predominantly rap-heavy, this new single opens up a refreshing, more melodic lane for him. “Game So Cold” strikes a perfect balance, allowing him to showcase his rap skills while embracing the allure of R&B, providing a memorable listening experience for his fans.

    In discussing the significance of “Game So Cold” in relation to his upcoming EP, D. Knight reveals, “This song fits my EP well since it is not only me looking in the mirror but also reflecting on how far I’ve come along while observing where I am currently at and being hopeful about what the future holds for me.” The single aptly captures his introspective journey, analyzing his past, present, and projecting a bright vision for what lies ahead.

    “Game So Cold” exemplifies D. Knight’s ability to experiment with his sound while staying true to his roots. As his core fans eagerly await the release of the “You See How Things Change” EP, it becomes evident that D. Knight’s music transcends mere entertainment, providing a poignant reflection on life’s twists and turns.

    Listen to “Game So Cold” below.


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