D. Knight Showcases Versatility and Unpredictable Flow on “Regular”

    Following the release of his third album, Make Myself At Home, in late 2022, Dayton, Ohio’s D. Knight has returned with his newest single, “Regular” produced by Ash Matthews. With his captivating vocals and lyrics that are both genuine and sincere, D. Knight quickly distinguishes himself from his peers, showcasing his immense talent and boundless energy.

    “Regular” is a bouncy track with high energy and an infectious hook that helps tie everything together. The production by Ash Matthews adds an extra layer of polish to the track that keeps the energy level high throughout the song. D. Knight’s vocal performance is another highlight of the track, with his unique tone and impeccable delivery elevating the already impressive production.

    Speaking on the single, D. Knight shared, “Ash Matthews and I made this song on the spot during one of our sessions,” he stated. “The hook came to me almost instantly, and everything else from that point was smooth. This song is for anyone who wants to do whatever they’re passionate about at the highest level while flexing on whoever doubts you,” he added.

    “Regular” demonstrates D. Knight’s ability to hold his own in the competitive hip-hop scene and showcases his unique style and talent. The track is a solid representation of his musical prowess and will impress new and existing fans.


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