Dachelle Showcases Her Impressive Vocals in New Single ‘Give Up’

    Dachelle is one of our favorite up-and-coming acts, and for a good reason. She has captivated listeners with her refreshing sound backed by exceptional vocals and infectious songwriting. Continuing to add to her list of impressive releases, the Harlem, NY-based singer/songwriter comes across as both genuine and talented in her new single ‘Give Up,’ and the best part is that the music does the talking.

    Aside from the relatable storytelling of chasing someone unwilling to put in the same effort, the progression on ‘Give Up’ will immediately catch your attention. Dachelle’s voice has a diverse range, and her smooth deliveries showcase that throughout the track. The catchy production also helps create space for her voice to guide the energy and emotion of the record.

    Speaking on the new release, Dachelle had this to say:

    “I wrote [Give Up] when I realized this situation-ship I was attached to was no longer worth my time. Writing this song helped me through all the negative feelings that came along with that choice and brought me a lot of peace. I originally posted the song on Soundcloud, and people really liked it, and when I went to work on it to release it on all platforms, I noticed that I had lost the whole project. But I still loved the song, so I worked with my producer to recreate it, and we honestly made it 10 times better than the original.”

    Once you hear that hook just one time, you’ll be singing it in your head all week! Check it out if you haven’t yet—you won’t be disappointed.


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