Dave Coresh Shows He Is Far From Average on Debut EP “SMOKENMIRRORS”

    Not trying to be fake deep, but once you grasp that life is just one big game, your life will be much simpler. It sucks that losing is unavoidable, especially after going through your whole life, accepting everything at face value. But that’s not true, and LA-based artist Dave Coresh would probably agree with me based on his debut EP “SMOKENMIRRORS.”

    What you see isn’t always what you get. Smoke and mirrors make it hard to know what’s real and what’s not. So throughout this 6-song EP, Coresh faces his innermost emotions and does his best to prepare a project that shows his most authentic self. The punk-rock artist doesn’t have much room for error with only one feature coming from Mother Wata on “TALK2ME.” But this project shows he can carry the load when presented with the opportunity.

    “This project is me not letting the lack of validation devalue the power of my ideas. We’re gonna die one day, and I wanna pass knowing I gave it everything in my heart” — Dave Coresh

    Straight from the jump, Coresh lets you know he could give two f*cks about what a hater thinks. The intro track “NOBODY CARES” is a not-so-soft reminder that he doesn’t make music to appease the public. He’s all about making unforgiving, in-your-face music that will have your heart racing. After repeating the hook multiple times, he explodes like a boiling teapot. This is the type of energy Coresh provides throughout the project, whether on the uptempo, “IDGNF,” or the project’s closer, “CHECK MY CHECK.” Another standout song is “PYMFB.” It’s another one of those songs that’ll have you wanting to rock out to. His distorted background vocals are what makes this song. He doesn’t even have to do much in his verse because the rest of the song is so catchy, especially the energizing hook.

    There aren’t too many artists like Dave Coresh who don’t fear judgment. His fearlessness alone is one of the main reasons that I think you should check out “SMOKENMIRRORS.” Stream the EP below.


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