DavidTheTragic Soars on New EP “I Could Get Higher”

    DavidTheTragic has quickly risen to prominence in Atlanta’s music scene, establishing himself as one of the city’s most diligent and original stylists since his breakthrough in early 2019. With notable projects such as How It Feel, STILL* ALIVE, and LOWERSELF, DavidTheTragic has continuously showcased his evolving and expanding abilities as an artist. Standing out in the hip-hop mecca, he captivates listeners with his keen expressionism, articulate lyricism, and distinctive gruff flows, painting lofty portraits of his psyche.

    Continuing his streak of remarkable projects, DavidTheTragic returns with his latest EP titled I Could Get Higher. This 3-track EP, spanning a total runtime of 6 minutes, delivers a frenzy of clever bars that further solidify his position as a truly unique artist. Once again, DavidTheTragic demonstrates his exceptional originality and masterful rapping ability, showcasing a sound and flow that sets him apart from others.

    With each track on I Could Get Higher, DavidTheTragic takes listeners on an immersive journey into his world, exploring his thoughts, experiences, and aspirations. Through his intricate wordplay and vivid storytelling, he creates an unmatched experience.

    Listen to I Could Get Higher below and make sure to catch him on tour later this summer with Igwe Aka.


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