Daylan Gideon Realizes His Vision on ‘LNEM’



    On his latest project LNEM, Atlanta rapper Daylan Gideon realizes his vision. His forceful and focused bars are just one aspect of the highly skilled emcee’s style. At a brief 7-tracks in length, this project is a bold undertaking for a young artist and to me, it’s a clear signal of intent for an artist who clearly isn’t afraid to experiment with different sounds and styles.

    While there are various influences evident throughout the project, Daylan’s variety of vocal deliveries seem fully authentic and genuine and ultimately make for a very unique project that offers a nice mixture of edgy tracks as well as some more fun, bouncy ones.

    The key to LNEM is Daylan’s carefree self-awareness. He sets the stakes, and the project radiates with that freedom, especially through its production. Fully produced by Niko, the Atlanta rapper shows off his ear for vivid imagery and counter-intuitive production. Through 18-mintue offering, Daylan Gideon found a way to make trap lighthearted and fun in an era where everyone is hellbent on flexing.

    How does “LNEM” differ from anything else you’ve ever put out? 

    LNEM is me being vulnerable and honest. I’m speaking on women, life, my highs, and lows and I feel like people get to know me on a more personal level. I feel like after this people will feel like they know me or know what I’m going through. And I know there are people going through the same. So I hope this can help people cope or get through whatever they’re going through.

    It seems like you hold this project in high regard compared to previous records. What took so long with this one? 

    Well, I originally was going to drop 250 to Paradise, my next album but I felt like I wanted to continue to perfect that. During quarantine, I had a lot of downtimes and got to actually lock in all day every day on my music and I just had so much new music that I thought fit where I was at in life right now, so I put together my favorite 7 and decided to drop this until the album is done. I just feel like this my best work to date and I’m a perfectionist. I’ll always take my time with the music. It has to be perfect for me before the world can have it. 

    Did you approach the recording process differently with these tracks? 

    Definitely. I stopped writing in 2017. I started back writing in 2019 and have been since. I feel writing makes it easier for me to express my thoughts and my points across. I just feel sharp right with my pen right now. I was super inspired during these times and been going through a lot personally, so you can hear it in the music. 

    It seems like whenever you and Niko come together it’s always magic being made. Can you talk about that connection a bit? 

    I’ve known Niko since I was 5. He is like a real-life older brother to me. It’s been times in our life we hung out every day for weeks straight. So before anything we brothers. The music is the easy part for us. As far as this project, he was living in Phoenix, so he would send a pack of beats and I’d pick my favorites and write and just send them back and forth. 

    I know studio sessions with the producer being present adds an extra level of chemistry. What are some obstacles you had to overcome doing things remotely? 

    Man, there really wasn’t anything to overcome honestly. I’m a simple guy, all I need is my phone, my thoughts, the beat and I’m good to go.

    Do you have any visuals coming off the project?

    Yeah, we got videos coming out for Alright and None of My Business. I might do more but I want to see what the fans really like before I pick other records to shoot. 

    Favorite track off the project? 

    Man, it’s tough. If I had to pick one it’s None of My Business. The record just makes me wanna dance every time I hear it. I be in the car riding around turnt up every day listening to it. 

    What do you want people to take away from this project 

    I just want people to be inspired to be themselves and tell their stories and make the music they want to make. It’s okay to be open and share moments from your personal life. I hope people see my growth as an artist and just enjoy this great body of work.

    It seems like you always gon your hands in something. After this drop, what’s next for you? 

    The album is next. I’m dropping back to back on ni**as. I got so much music that I could keep dropping projects all year. It’s going to be a huge year for me. I’m not letting up at all. Also, I want to build up my label Killjoy Records. So you will see a lot coming from that.