DC’s Own Yoko Chanel Delivers His Debut Album “All Feelings are Final”

    Written by: DeAndre Washington


    How’s a man supposed to function in this world, if he doesn’t feel safe inside himself?”, opens up an album that becomes somewhat of a soundtrack to finding your inner peace and staying fly in the process. “All Feelings are Final,” the debut album by DC’s own Yoko Chanel, reflects on the internal thoughts we experience during difficult moments in our lives. Moments meaning times where all we have is our own mental health, but have no idea what to do with it. Learning more about how you process your thoughts in an effort to let the world know that I’m here to stay for longer than you expected you would.

    With 13 full length tracks, Yoko Chanel invites you into his mind without fear. It isn’t to say that he’s still not done fighting his own demons. But it is to say that he’s open to sharing himself in an effort to let you know that it’s okay to have them. Chanel emphasizes the importance of being at peace with your situation. “Namaste, namaste/Mamacoos/Feel your pain, Feel your pain/Let out, woosah/ Woosah, woosay/New day, new change” Chanel raps on the opening track “Stay Safe”. It’s better to feel your emotions, heal from things, and try again tomorrow. Outkast would be proud to see the way skits are used in this album. Chanel utilizes skits in a way that helps further convey how mental health is like standing on a balance beam. “Where are you hiding? (interlude)” feels like Chanel’s moment of prayer; or rather an attempt at praying to an unknown constant. “Hear no evil/Walk with the Lord/Bible in hand/FN, not no sword”.

    “All Feelings are Final” creates space for your thoughts. This album builds you up in an effort to let you know the most important thing is your peace. As the credits roll on, Yoko Chanel closes the album out with “Dior Red”. Chanel goes out with a banger letting listeners know he’s not wasting anymore time. “Last time I was bleu/Now I’m feeling red/This the last song/No more care/Only bread on my brain/Too much time wasted/Over shit i can’t change” Chanel raps on “Dior Red”. While the outro sounds like a moment where Chanel’s given up on figuring things out. It’s another reminder just as the intro track was to find your peace and let it be the reason you continue onto the next day. Chanel affirms “Dreams are dead/Kill thoughts/Put my feelings to bed” on “Dior Red”. With the way he expresses himself so freely, one can only imagine what’s to come next from the mind of Yoko Chanel. Until then press play on “All Feelings are Final” and explore your own thoughts about the album. More importantly explore your own thoughts about yourself. Check out the new project down below.