Dee Gatti’s Single “Timeless” Is a Lush Vignette of Her Sound

    An artist who consistently shines is none other than Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas artist Dee Gatti. The enigmatic songstress recently dropped off her new single “Timeless,” produced by Dre Eazy and Max Gann. This new offering marks her first release of the year and seamlessly picks up where she left off, reminding us of her undeniable talent.

    With her gentle yet powerful vocals gliding effortlessly over the intricate production, “Timeless” captures the essence of R&B music. The song’s soulful vibes combined with Dee Gatti’s signature style will undoubtedly have you running this one back more than once. The lyrics “Sometimes I act crazy / But I love how you got patience / Me and you we just make sense / Just thought I’d let you know / Just thought I’d let you know” beautifully encapsulates the emotional depth of the song.

    Dee Gatti’s undeniable talent and unique musicality have positioned her as a rising star in the world of R&B. Her ability to infuse raw emotion into her music sets her apart, and “Timeless” further proves that statement.

    Listen to “Timeless” below.


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