Dee Smiff Flexes His Dynamic Range on “Swerve!”

    From experimenting with lo-fi hip-hop sounds to more upbeat synthwave styles, few artists have been able to strike such a strong balance between lyrical vulnerability and catchiness as newcomer Dee Smiff. The Southern-bred artist has never been afraid to diversify his palette. With each new release, Dee packs a punch with vocals and versatility. 

    His new single “Swerve!” features production from Kwama and a smooth vocal line from Dee. He shifts into falsetto and strains his voice throughout the track, which will leave you hitting the replay button over and over. The standout moment of the track is Dee’s performance on the hook. His poetic writing and soft tone perfectly match the lowkey and groovy instrumental. Speaking on the release, Dee Smiff shared: 

    “What led me to create this record is how it feels doing simple tasks in this day and age. Even driving can be scary for some folks, especially if you’re black and the cops pull you over for whatever reason. As a consumer of movies and shows, I also love thematic elements in story-telling and entertainment, such as Donald Glover’s “Atlanta” or anything Jordan Peele does. My message throughout my next four or more releases will be centered around “Driving Slow” for a number of reasons, as well as my approach to life. Therefore I encourage listeners to do the same.”

    Dee Smiff’s voice is both an instrument and an amplifier for his illustrative lyrics that highlight the life of a young artist on the rise. “Swerve!” is a glimpse into Dee’s world, a small sliver of what the rapper is seeing, feeling, and experiencing.

    Listen to “Swerve!” by Dee Smiff below:


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