DeEtta Jain Flaunts Ethereal Vocals on New EP ‘A Walk in the Park’

    From Colorado and impacted by her time spent living in New York, DeEtta Jain brings a diverse approach to her look and sound – nearly impossible to lock in on anyone’s regional influence. This lack of a specific style to her music lends a sense of worldliness to her approach that will appeal to listeners around the globe. Whether creating to give the soundtrack to a mind-bending film or for a choreographer who so desperately needs to hear an image – DeEtta-Jain is on her way to establishing herself as an indisputable artist to watch.

    With each new release, DeEtta manages to balance complex songwriting with ethereal vocals, all while making it seem effortless. Previous singles like ‘Bronco‘ and ‘Lovers Out East‘ are sensory tingling, all encapsulating visual projects that DeEtta conceptualized, produced, and brought to the surface with the help of her quaint team. Her ethereal delivery, mixed with her deeply thoughtful lyricism makes for an addicting and grounding sonic experience. ​

    Today, her new EP ‘A Walk in the Park‘ is out, and it’s sounding good. Produced by DealzMakesBeats with NOAHTheProducer on the mix, the five-song offering flirts ferociously between light and dark. With each song being shorter than her previous singles, the need to run the tape back from the beginning again is almost dire. In just nine short minutes, DeEtta creates a listening experience that digs into the emotional wounds marking us human. ‘A Walk in the Park‘ shines a new light on DeEtta as an artist whose self-reflective writing and versatility know no bounds. Check out the new EP down below.


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