Delta Fish Gives Himself Over to an Enthralling Emotional Deluge in “Don’t Call Me Crazy”

    Delta Fish’s latest EP, “Don’t Call Me Crazy,” dives headfirst into the turbulent waters of friendships and relationships. The three-track offering feels like a late-night conversation with a close friend, navigating human connection’s emotional highs and lows.

    The EP kicks off with a melodic journey that is “It Goes Down,” which feels like a rollercoaster of emotions. As the first track unfolds, you can’t help but wonder about the influences that shaped this musical narrative. In a chat with Delta Fish, he revealed that the uncertainty and insecurities inherent in friendships and relationships drove this EP. It’s a relatable theme, and Fish weaves it into his lyrics with a stream-of-consciousness approach, gradually inching toward answers.

    As the EP progresses, “Echos” is one of those tracks that might make you ponder the personal growth and life experiences that influenced Fish’s storytelling. He shares that the EP reflects on being perceived as “crazy” for expressing genuine thoughts and feelings. It’s a sentiment many can resonate with, emphasizing the power of authenticity in a world that often demands conformity.

    Delta Fish’s vocal delivery is a raw, emotionally yet melodically charged experience, abandoning restraint for an unfiltered expression of his artistic vision. The fearless mentality he showcases throughout the EP is a testament to his commitment to authenticity.

    Looking ahead, Delta Fish sees his music evolving into a unique style of songwriting. “Don’t Call Me Crazy” serves as a stepping stone, highlighting his potential for musical innovation. Whether you’re navigating the uncertainties of relationships or simply seeking a sonic journey, pocketing this EP is like having a roadmap to self-discovery. Let Delta Fish be your soundtrack; the destination may be unknown, but the experience is undeniably worthwhile.


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