Dende Enlists Deante’ Hitchcock For the Dynamic “Georgia”

    Over the past couple of years, Dende’s name has emerged time and time again as an example of a rising artist worth keeping an eye on. The Houston, TX-based recording artist first gained attention after releasing a string of moody and arresting singles, working his way up to the issue of his acclaimed project, A Happy Man, in 2021. Now, his latest release, “Georgia” featuring Deante’ Hitchcock keeps his hot streak going.

    Produced by Billy Blunt, “Georgia” is a reminder of Dende’s undeniable talent. The bouncy instrumental perfectly parallels Dende’s delivery as he displays his vocal runs over the hook. Throughout the song, his distinct vocal tone and unparalleled songwriting, paired with Hitchcock’s lyrical prowess, will have you running this one back a few times.

    “Georgia” is Dende at his best. This is an incredible follow-up to his previous work and a clear beginning towards something new he’s steadily building. He continues to impress listeners and showcase his own versatility with each new release.

    Listen to “Georgia” below.


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