Dende Releases Potent New Single ‘Round Trip To Atlanta’

    Since the release of his 2021 EP "Pregnancy Pack," Dende has built even more of a name for himself.

    It’s so easy to get lost in the sauce hanging in the strip club. People don’t realize strippers are truly trained professionals in what they do. They know the right things to say to improve anyone’s day. Especially in Atlanta, they have this essence that’ll have you accidentally fall in love. Rising singer/rapper Dende recalls when he had too good of a time and wanted to risk it all when he made a trip to the A, the strip club capital. 

    His new single ‘Round Trip To Atlanta‘ feels euphoric and soothing. Dende’s vocals mesh so well with the dreamy slow-paced beat. The tipsy production will have you feeling like you have been sipping on some spirits with some dim lights creating a relaxing atmosphere. “I met you in your city / Saw you dancing on the pole / Fall in love with dancers every single time I go,” he sings on the song’s opening verses. The song’s content hits harder because you can tell the lyrics are very authentic. The talented performer really left an impression of a lifetime on Dende.

    The Texas native is definitely someone you need to keep on your radar. He is even scheduled to perform at the inaugural R&B Only Fest later this month. Check out the new single below and see if it has you considering travel plans as well.


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