Deonte the Alien Shares New Video for “Bad for Me pt2”

    23-year-old Bay Area artist Deonte the Alien is back with a captivating new music video for his track, “Bad For Me pt2.” The follow-up to “Bad For Me pt1” featuring Dead Space Dash, this latest release showcases Deonte’s growth as an artist and his unique ability to blend emotions through storytelling and poetic writing. Directed by Deonte himself with the assistance of playgroundmediaco, the video adds a visually stunning dimension to the already powerful song.

    In “Bad For Me pt2,” Deonte takes a reflective journey into his past, shedding light on his experiences with toxicity and the personal growth he has undergone. The artist confesses, “I used to be attracted to toxicity, to be honest, maybe because I was toxic myself. And I think ‘Bad For Me pt2’ is me reflecting on how my negative behaviors put me in loops with other negative partners. I was insecure. I’m not now.”

    The music video for “Bad For Me pt2” expertly captures the essence of Deonte’s artistic expression. With the assistance of playgroundmediaco, Deonte’s creative direction shines through, elevating the song’s message and captivating viewers. The crisp visuals not only enhance the record but also provide a platform for Deonte to showcase his multifaceted artistry.

    Drawing inspiration from his musical influences, such as Mac Miller, Isaiah Rashad, Aminé, and Kendrick Lamar, Deonte seamlessly weaves together a range of emotions and storytelling elements in his music. With a poetic approach to his writing, he skillfully crafts lyrics that resonate. Through “Bad For Me pt2,” Deonte’s introspective lyrics and evocative delivery create an immersive experience that allows listeners to connect with his personal journey of growth and self-discovery.

    Watch the new video for “Bad For Me pt2” below.


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