Destin Laurel Proves He’s in a Constant State of Evolution With Debut Album “Searching for Klarity”

    Destin Laurel’s distinctive artistry takes center stage in his debut album “Searching for Klarity,” an 8-track body of work highlighting his talents. The album, which features no collaborations and is predominantly self-produced—with the exception of “High” and “Condition,” displays the young artist/producer’s versatility, magnetic charisma, and skillful execution.

    In its entirety, Destin Laurel’s “Searching for Klarity” delves into the theme of his search for clarity, which he describes as the challenges we encounter while navigating through different aspects of life, such as love, loss, work, and overcoming one’s upbringing. Despite being only 18, he offers relatable insights and wisdom by expressing common struggles. When speaking on the album, Laurel shared with us, “this project is the foundation of who I am as a person and artist. It is my introduction to the world. My birth as Destin Laurel.”

    “Searching for Klarity” stands out with its undeniable hip-hop roots, blending in R&B, neo-soul, and gospel elements to create a distinct sound. The album’s candid vulnerability and uplifting tone are noteworthy departures from the melancholic and weighty feel of today’s contemporary music. Laurel’s dedication to the project motivated him to experiment with unconventional methods in order to capture the album’s soulful and moody essence, resulting in a truly unique piece of work that has garnered appeal beyond Atlanta’s underground music scene.

    “Searching for Klarity” is the first strike of what will undoubtedly be a visceral year of music for Destin Laurel. You’re going to want to be here for what comes next.

    Listen to “Searching for Klarity” below.


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