Duce Banx Makes a Striking Introduction With His New EP “Newzboy: The Lone Wolf”

    From Pharrell Williams and Missy Elliott to Pusha T and Timbaland, Virginia is home to many talented artists and producers, and one of its most recent rising acts, Duce Banx, is looking to carve his name with some of the greats—this time around with his latest 4-track EP, Newzboy: The Lone Wolf. Following the successful release of the EP’s standout track, “On Go” the new EP is set to solidify Duce Banx’s position as an artist to watch. The EP boasts impressive production from Dope Money, Zero, and Hanz, contributing to its powerful and dynamic sound.

    Shedding some light on the inspiration behind Newzboy: The Lone Wolf, Banx candidly shared that his motivation stemmed from a desire to set the record straight about his roots. Despite being mistaken for coming from Richmond or Norfolk, Banx proudly embraces his Newport News origins. The rich cultural tapestry of Downtown Newport News, along with the influences of Walker Village and Marshall Courts, played a significant role in shaping the sound and theme of the EP.

    With a runtime of a little under nine minutes, Newzboy: The Lone Wolf reflects Duce Banx’s evolution as an artist, showcasing his musical persona’s more aggressive and assertive side on tracks like “On Go” and “Actin Different.” At the same time, he maintains the trademark chill demeanor on “Profit” and “Flava Freestyle.” In its entirety, the EP introduces a more in-your-face version of Duce. With its hard-hitting beats, sharp lyricism, and fearless delivery, the EP presents a new dimension to his artistry.

    If you’re a fan of authentic and unapologetic hip-hop, Newzboy: The Lone Wolf is an EP that should not be missed. Duce Banx’s unique sound and compelling narratives set him apart from his contemporaries, and this EP undoubtedly leaves a lasting impression.

    Listen to Newzboy: The Lone Wolf below.


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