Discover London-Based Artist Yakazma and His Debut Single “Maybe It’s True”

    London’s vibrant music scene has birthed yet another sensational talent – Yakazma, a multifaceted artist who ventured into music during the pandemic, creating beats and synth sounds that have captivated listeners worldwide. With an eclectic mix of inspirations ranging from Frank Ocean to early 90s shoegaze and early 2010s EDM, Yakazma aims to provide a unique sonic experience, much like the life-changing encounter with that one elusive stranger.

    Recently, Yakazma unveiled his debut self-produced single, “Maybe It’s True,” a track that serves as a captivating prelude to his upcoming album, slated for release later this fall. The single is accompanied by a lo-fi camcorder/super 8 filmed music video, a visual piece directed, shot, and edited by the artist himself, showcasing Yakazma’s diverse talents as a creative force.

    “‘Maybe It’s True’ acts as a soundtrack to an encounter between a leading lady and an enigmatic stranger aiming to sweep her off her feet,” reveals Yakazma, whose music is known for weaving immersive stories within each melody.

    What sets Yakazma apart is his commitment to artistic autonomy. Both the single and the album are released independently under the ‘a stranger, a recluse’ brand – a nod to Yakazma’s enigmatic persona and his desire to keep the focus on the music itself. In an age where authenticity and originality can be rare finds, Yakazma remains true to his artistic vision, unencumbered by the constraints of mainstream trends.

    With a remarkable debut single and a unique approach to producing music, Yakazma has firmly established himself as a force to be reckoned with in the London music scene and beyond. So, keep an eye out for Yakazma’s album release later this fall.


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