Dive into the Versatility of MilesPerHour on His New Project “Less Is More”

    Starting his music career with humble intentions, San Antonio-based artist MilesPerHour displays a new side of his personality in his latest project, Less Is More. With a deliberate and focused approach to his music, MilesPerHour presents a 10-track offering that showcases his growth and versatility. The project is characterized by confident and flawless bars, accompanied by textured production from producers such as Mane Mikey, Cuffed God, and Gandhi.

    on Less Is More, MilesPerHour demonstrates a mature and dialed-in approach to his craft. Despite encountering a speed bump along the way, which altered the project’s direction, MilesPerHour found a way to embrace simplicity and produce exceptional music using the resources at hand.

    Less Is More / cover art by Fringed Media

    The decision to title his project Less Is More reflects both the circumstances that led to its creation and his personal perspective. He explains, “This project had a different direction a few months ago, but we ran into a speed bump that forced me not to think too hard and get the job done with the resources I had; hence, the title. I feel like the title also just aligns with how I normally operate. Less is just truly more, more times than not.”

    Less Is More embodies the principle of quality over quantity. Each song is meticulously crafted, with MilesPerHour skillfully adapting his vocal cadence to complement the production, and the result is a seamless blend of lyrics and beats that captivate from start to finish.

    Listen to Less Is More below.


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