DJ O’Henny Recruits IfeWinz, Odanzy, and Newman for “Sunset Boulevard”

    Putting on for his Ghanaian roots, NC’s DJ O’Henny recruits IfeWinz, Odanzy, and Newman for his soulful debut single, “Sunset Boulevard.” The record captures the essence of his Ghanaian roots through a soulful fusion of Afrobeats and hip-hop, infused with elements of jazz and R&B.

    The smooth, melodic vocals of IfeWinz, Odanzy, and Newman are perfectly in sync, complementing each other’s styles and adding depth and dimension to the track. Each artist brings their unique flavor to the table, delivering rhymes that paint vivid pictures of their experiences on “Sunset Boulevard.” The record is more than just a catchy tune—it’s a celebration of African culture and a testament to the talent and creativity of DJ O’Henny and his collaborators. By blending different genres and musical styles, they have created a sound that is uniquely their own, and one that is sure to resonate with listeners.

    During a conversation with DJ O’Henny about how the track was created, he expressed his desire to go beyond being a mere DJ and to provide entertainment rather than just being the source of it. He wanted more opportunities to showcase his musical vision. “I was really trying to be more than a DJ at the time. I wanted to entertain people, not be people’s entertainment,” he shared. “I wanted more opportunities to express how I see music. I did an event where I brought local NC artists together for a Cypher in Charlotte, and I had the beat, and for some reason, no one at the cypher voted on using it.” After realizing he could turn this beat into something more, he recruited IfeWinz and Newman. For the last piece to this track, DJ O’Henny tapped Odanzy to round the track out. “It’s always awesome when multiple people with different ideas of what music means to them can make something beautiful.”

    DJ O’Henny’s artistic vision for this track is a testament to his creativity and ingenuity. He skillfully weaves together different musical elements and incorporates the unique styles of IfeWinz, Newman, and Odanzy, resulting in a sonic masterpiece that truly showcases the talent of each artist. There’s a natural chemistry that enables them to collaborate seamlessly and bring out the best in each other. This synergy is reflected in the success of this track and is a promising sign for their future releases.

    Listen to “Sunset Boulevard” by DJ O’Henny, IfeWinz, Odanzy, and Newman below.


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