Dobey Dobe’s Heartfelt Single “Porchlight” Illuminates Love’s Longing

    In the world of music, inspiration can strike from the most ordinary of experiences, and for Dobey Dobe, everyday occurrences serve as his muse. It’s always something felt, a moment, a song, Something that can move someone. His 2022 album, 2 Week Notice, detailed his journey of being tired of the monotony, getting up, and leaving all of it behind to start over in the right direction. Following that release, Dobe returns with his new single “Porchlight.”

    Made in collaboration with his better half, MixedbyAO, Dobey Dobe’s new single, “Porchlight,” is a touching and tender ballad that captures the essence of being away from home and longing to connect with a loved one. The lyrics warmly invite his girlfriend, letting her know she’s welcome at his home even when I’m not there.

    “Porchlight” serves as a preview of what’s to come, as Dobey Dobe is gearing up to unveil his eagerly awaited EP, Honey I’m Home. This upcoming collection of tracks promises to be a journey through the depths of human emotions, showcasing Dobey Dobe’s ability to translate personal experiences into relatable and moving songs.

    Listen to “Porchlight” below.


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