New Jersey Songstress Dom .B Sets the Mood with Her Impressive New EP ‘Relapse’

    Rising New Jersey singer-songwriter Dom .B is a promising young talent that I feel everyone should know. I’ve been enamored with her assertive sound, incredible voice, and songwriting ability that can send a listener through emotions they were unaware they possessed. Dom .B brings a different style to the crowded R&B scene. Following her 2021 lead single ‘Say Sum,’ she now gifts us a new release that will convert anyone into a believer.

    With 4 songs lasting around 8-minutes, ‘Relapse’ is an EP with little room for error, and she still seals the deal. If you’re like me and a fan of trap music, you will appreciate her trap-infused R&B style. This resulted from her linking up with the talented producer Strangefruit, who helped expand her sound. Throughout the EP, Dom .B’s confidence radiates through in the sonic form, and she delivers the perfect songs for lovers scorn, smitten, or seeking, and ‘Anytime‘ is probably the song I will keep coming back to.

    Dom .B and her career are reaching new heights, putting herself in a great position with this project. In an era where soul music is returning with a vengeance, the fast-rising artist is the perfect addition, possessing the demeanor of a classic 90s songstress with the vocal range to match. 

    Check out the new EP below.


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