Dom Chronicles Taps Gen The Assassin For Shinin’ Video

    Known for his carefree, eclectic style and lyricism over tasteful production, Dom Chronicles is a multi-faceted artist who uses real-life situations with spiritual undertones in his music. His new Gen The Assassin-assisted single Shinin’ puts his smooth flow on full display as he manages to get his point across with ease. Chronicles’ lyrics are insightful, and House Party’s production does an excellent job of tying everything together.

    Accompanying the record is an equally dope Ethan Milner-directed visual that showcases another side of Chronicles’ artistry. “We wanted to highlight a little bit of the Kansas City car scene because it is pretty lucrative, so I just hit up a few of my friends to be a part of the shoot,” he shared with us. “I love where I reside, so I wanted to pay homage to it somehow. It happened to be with this video,” he added.

    Shinin’ instills trust and storytelling in the artist at its most effective moments, helping you warm to Dom Chronicles’ influence and inspiration faster than you could with most other rising artists of this ilk. It’s also an unrelentingly technical display, and his impressive flows and slick cadence should keep you listening on – and on, and on. Check out the new video down below.


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