Dom Sarfo Rises to the Occasion With New EP ‘Time Will Tell’

    Indiana native Dom Sarfo takes off the training wheels and shows why he should be considered one of the best rising artists as he displays his versatility and star power on his new EP ‘Time Will Tell.’ The EP chronicles his first year away from his hometown. It gives us a peek into how he navigates through life and its temptations while working towards something bigger than himself. At 7-tracks, the production here shows his growth and keeps the EP balanced over the 16-minute run-time. His knack for creating soundscapes equivalent to movie scores while maintaining the feeling of rawness and grit is much more apparent during this 7-track outing. ‘Time Will Tell’ has songs that will make you want to rage with your best friends, and it also has songs that will have you reflecting.

    With his charismatic vocals and hard-hitting production, Dom Sarfo creates a project that will soon be the soundtrack of your life—if you let it. In its entirety, ‘Time Will Tell’ displays Dom Sarfo’s individuality and ear for booming electronic production that meshes a wide range of other genres. If Dom continues this rate of growth, sonically as well as consciously, he may no longer be able to refer to himself as “just a kid from Indiana.” With that being said, make sure to give this project a spin and be on the lookout for more from the rising artist.

    Stream the new EP below via Spotify and head over here for wherever you get your music.


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